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Multipage Brochures – Catalogue to Information Booklet

September 28, 2010 Leave a comment

You have a range of Products, Services, Pricing or Ideas to convey to clients, well Multipage Brochures are just the thing for you from a catalogue to an Information Booklet; you have the freedom to put a great deal more content, images and creativity to something special.

Multipage Brochures are in the Full Color Process and stock standard range offer paper in a Gloss or Matt finish for Multipage Brochures and covers either Machine varnished Laminate on one or both sides for all brochures.

Many variant can be done with Multipage Brochures like rounded corners and variable cuts. Multipage Brochures are done on the highest excellence stocks and conclude to do inferior stocks will get thrown out with the rest of the catalogues.


Window Frosting Films Are Used For Numerous Usages

September 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Window frosting or frost films come up in various styles and gradients from near see-through to apparent to almost completely blocking out visibility as well as in a variety of shades.

Window frosting can be computer cut to any design you require, including business signs and logos, building window frosting not only very practicable in terms of privacy for internal offices with class walls but also valuable in reinforcing your corporate identity. Frost films are used like:

Commercial administrative center privacy
Residential or house confidentiality
Interior decoration purpose
Home entry or front door glass

Residential window frosting can also deliver home privacy when homes are close mutually or have windows that align with neighbors. Make sure your privacy while preserving the light and airiness of your bathroom or common areas.

There is a window frosting film for all possible purpose, with privacy, safety features and solar UV radiation protection benefits always improving on expectations.